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Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's a THROWBACK: the "Battle of the Sexes" revisited...RIGGED by Riggs?

this sports illustrated article explores speculation that bobby riggs, a former tennis grand slam champion and notorious hustler, purposely threw the 1973 "battle of the sexes" match against billy jean king in order to gain bigger dividends via gambling. the competition was prompted by certain remarks by riggs to the media. riggs expressed his opinion that an average senior male player could easily beat any top female player of any age or level. that was one thing. but riggs also said, ''women belong in the bedroom and kitchen, in that order,'' according to selena roberts in her book a necessary spectacle: billie jean king, bobby riggs, and the tennis match that leveled the game. billie jean king won the match and a $100,000 purse. bobby riggs was 55 at the time of the contest, while king was 29 years old.

i'm a little confused by the significance of the "battle of the sexes" spectacle from 1973. what was the point? to prove that the top female player, who still trains full-time, is better than a retired male player,who remains moderately active in the senior ranks? granted, the corporeal effects of the spectacle were immediately evident. the "battle of the sexes" generated press that certainly aided some facets of the women's sports movement. since media attention often leads to money, the spectacle was a small "victory" in the battle against the significant disaparity between men's and women's sports in terms of prize money and salary amounts, etc. these monetary amounts are usually relative to the interest in the event or competition which can arguably be measured by the publicity it "earns."

however, i think portraying the 1973 "battle of the sexes" as a landmark because it proved that female tennis players are "just as good" or "on the same level" as male tennis players is a little too vague and ambiguous. this causes people to virtually miss the point. athletes are entertainers. female athletes aren't as athletic as male athletes. but this doesn't mean that female athletes are not on the same level as males in terms of their capacity to create sports entertainment. athletic superiority alone doesn't create better drama. after all, that's what sports entertainment is. drama. theater. well, maybe reality television is a better comparison. chance, luck, and coincidence permeate every sportscenter highlight reel. i personally would watch ncaa basketball over the nba anyday. granted, my personal preference for sports entertainment is by no means universal paradigm. but that's kind of my point. there isn't one.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Update: Matt Lienart's Baby's Mama's Daddy Discusses the Pregnancy

brynn cameron, a fierce basketballer for the up-n-coming usc women's basketball squad, happens to be carrying a male fetus via the sperm of her loverrr and famous arizona cardinals qb matt leinart. though she hasn't commented about the pregnancy, her father stan was quoted in this Ventura County Star Article, stan is quoted saying, "i know brynn will make a great mom. things will be fine. it will be fun." stan's attitude and supportive words on the pregnancy are refreshing and have earned him d.i.l.f. status.

leinart's $51 million deal 6-year deal with the nfl's arizona cardinals might have some of you silly 4'2" chodes hollaring,"we want pre-nup! we want pre-nup!" but according to the article, brynn has no desire to elope at this time--perhaps realizing how tacky and obsolete our society's current paradigm for marriage is?? this philosophy has earned cameron a pair of big ups.

Merlene Ottey: Oh no she didn't!!!

to say that merlene ottey is a fierce sprint queen is a drastic understatement. the grand dame of track & field seems to shatter barriers everytime she steps onto the track. the jamaican native done did it again during a meeting held in her adopted nation at banska bystrica, slovakia. ottey threw down a 23.82 second performance while finishing 4th in the 200 meter dash. in order to grasp the magnitude of just how impressive that statistic is, you need to factor in another number: 46--her age. yup, forty-six years old. no other female athlete aged 45 or above has ever even recorded a time under 25 and a half seconds.

earlier this season, merlene clocked 11.34 seconds for the 100 meter dash--again, an unprecedented performance for an athlete of her age. her mark would have earned her 2nd place at the usa track & field masters national championships for the men's 45 and up finals. although ottey's first olympic experience came as a member of the jamaican 4x100 meter relay team in 1976, it seems an appearance at the 2008 beijing olympics could be in the cards--when she will be 48 years of age. regardless if she competes in beijing or not, she is still a tremendous inspiration.

at the "peak" or her athletic talent, ottey posted career bests of 10.74 in the 100 and 21.64 in the 200. flojo and marion jones are the only two females who have ever run faster...well, minus christine arron's flukey/almost-wind-aided 10.73 from 1998...anyway, with all the controversy that ceaselessly follows jones, and the one-hit-wonder-ness of flojo's exploits, merelene ottey has to be considered the greatest female sprinter of all time. quote it!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jeremy Bloom Hurt his Hammy

the philadelphia eagles' 5th round nfl draft pick, jeremy bloom, was placed onto the injured reserve list due to a hamstring injury that prevented him from fully participating in the eagles' training camp. oop! time to retire from sports and become a full-time porn star! just kidding. although we certainly wouldn't mind it if the football/freestyle skier pulled an ana kournikova--since monogamously devoting himself to milking his modeling potential would ensure the continued production of quality masturbational materials like that which i posted above--we sincerely wish him a speedy recovery. props to his girlfriend cameran eubanks

you may remember her from the real world san diego season. we hope that hamstring injury wasn't her doing. in which case, the already enticing incentive/motivation to plot her demise has just doubled. just kidding, cameran, congratulations. oh, and here's a link to the nfl news wire thingy:

here's the link, asshole

UCLA Men's Soccer Team goes PRO BONO for JOJO

the ucla men's soccer team rehearsed their acting skills (a much needed asset to any successful squad) by helping sexy songstress jojo put together her latest masterpiece: the video for her new single...

Too Little too Late
they bruins worked for free, abiding by ncaa eligibility rules. according to an article about the ucla/jojo soiree, the b-list resident jojo coerced the ucla boys into helping her with the video shoot by temporarily stealing linsay lohan's identity. ok i lied. it's more likely that the ucla coaches manifested their lack of pop cultural awareness by causing the slight confusion. fortunately, the ucla-ers overcame their likely disappointment and took pity on the jojo. another blatant lie, they were thrilled to help out. here, you read about it:

Daily Bruin article
the cutie patootie male lead of the video who played jojo's trifling boyfriend is mike zaher, a defender for ucla.

MATT LEINART = a tall glass-a-water, a star qb, and now a BABY'S DADDY!!!

matt leinart and his loverrr brynn cameron, a member of the usc women's basketball team, are expecting a baby male. cameron will redshirt her upcoming junior season to beget this child.

here's the link, asshole

leinart and cameron allegedly started dating in february of 2005. which is kind of funny, because posted a picture of:

paris hilton kissing matt leinart

in las vegas. cameron had a sensational freshman season, helping the trojans reach the 2nd round of the 2005 ncaa tournament before falling to the #1 seeded michigan state university 61-59. the three point specialist's sophomore season was slowed by injury. the future of this blonde bombshell's athletic career is uncertain. will she forgo her eligibility? or will she go darnelia russell/shalonda hoston on us, and return from childbirth with with a vengeance?